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The spinal column is made up of 24 different spinal segments, each containing 10 joints.  This equates to 240 possible areas that joint dysfunction can occur.  Your shoulder only has 2 joints, a Glenoheumeral joint (arm) and an Acromioclavicular joint (collar bone).  When you consider that your spine has 238 more joints than your shoulder you begin to realize the importance of chiropractic care.  What if the joints of my back are misaligned?  Should I care?  When a joint is misaligned or not functioning properly it is called a subluxation, and this is what happens:

  • Before you begin to feel pain  or discomfort, there are inflammatory and pressure changes occuring inside your joints.  This puts mechanical pressure on nerve roots, which causes an interference in communication between the brain and your body.  
  • Subluxations change the normal biomechanics of the spine so that pressure is taken off the disc and applied to the posterior portion of the spinal vertebrae, known as facet joints.  Subluxations increase the risk for herniated discs and Arthritis of the spine.  This is known as Osteoarthritis or Degenerative Disc Disease.
  •  Subluxations change your posture.  You now experience abnormal weight bearing on your hips, knees and feet, increasing your susceptibility to injury of those joints.  Many people complain of heel spurs, plantar fascitis (pain in the sole of your foot)., knee and hip pain due to abnormal weight bearing on your joints and muscles because of subluxations causing postural alterations.  Subluxations will also cause your neck and shoulders to be pulled forward, which will reduce breathing capacity and cause excess strain on the lower neck and shoulders. 
  • Subluxations change muscle tone.  This creates pain, tightness, cramping and alterations of your joints and muscles.  Subluxations also decrease input to the brain by reducing its vita components: activation (from joints) and fuel.
  • As Chiropractors, we will rehabilitate your spine and nervous system so that your body will be free of subluxations that are causing interference in your nervous system function.  When you have a healthy nervous system, you will have achieved optimal health.  This will result in less injury, prevention of sickness and disease, increased energy, and healthier quality of life.

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